Objectives of PhD Program in CAE

  1. General objectives

After graduation from PhD Fellow program, learners have to become an expert on the field of Control And Automation with deep knowledge and the ability to do advanced research, to have analyztical and synthetic skills, problem-solving skill, to be able toincline the effectiveness of work relating to production, control and automation of technology; to be capable of being in charge of positions which require high-level qualifications in the field of Control And Automation such as teaching and researching at universities, colleges, studying institutions; consultant, manager, leader, etc at Control And Automation field-relating businesses.

  1. Specific objectives

On knowledge :

+ To be able to organise basic research, application research, to create products which is highly scientific.

+ To have advanced knowledge in the field of Control And Automation

On skills:    

+  To be able to be active, creative, to think indepently when doing research and to directly solve scientific problems.

+ To be able to do research, to suggest and apply technology solution in reality.

On attitude : 

+ To have morality and responsibility in profession and science.

3. Graduation requirements

After graduation from PhD training program, Doctor of Philosophy majorring in Control And Automation will be able to :

[1] Research indepently and creatively

[2] Organise, guide groups of scientific research.

[3] Use foreign language in specialist work and task.

[4] Take part in training, guiding and lecturing Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

[5] Write, present and introduce scientific issues.

[6] Discover, solve, argue with new issues that are meaningful for science practically or theoretically. 

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