Admission Criteria, Training Process and Graduation Conditions of Undergraduate Program in ACE

a. Admission Criteria:

Admission criteria of the Program are in line with current requirements stipulated by MOET, regulations by UD and DUT. More detailed information could be found on the website:

b. Training Process and Graduation Conditions:

*Training process:

The Program is implemented based on the Decision No. 268/QD-DHBK dated on July 07th 2016 by the Rector of DUT:

  • The ACE program is organized by academic courses, academic year and semesters:

+ Academic course is designed for student to accomplish a specific curriculum. Normally, the undergraduate degree takes from 4.5 to 5 years to complete, depending on specific program. For ACE program, the duration is 4.5 years.

+ An academic year consists of 2 main semesters and 1 additional semester (i.e., summer semester). The main semester is comprised of 15 study weeks and 3-4 examination weeks. The additional semester (summer semester) is comprised of 5 study weeks and 1 examination week.

- The maximum time to complete an academic program is comprised of: designed duration of the program (4.5 years), plus 4 additional semesters (applied for the 3- to 5-year program).

Students, who are under preferential treatment based on Admission regulations for official universities and colleges, are not bounded by the maximum-time regulation.

*Graduation conditions:

Based on the Article 26, Decision No. 268/QD-DHBK dated on July 07th 2016 by the Rector of DUT.

  • Students are eligible for graduation consideration and recognition as the following
  • Neither under any criminal prosecution, nor any disciplinary period as suspension up to the point of graduation consideration.
  • Already accumulated enough amount of modules and volumes of training program as prescribed in Article 2 of the Decision.
  • CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of the course is no less than 2.0 (4.0 point scale)
  • Satisfying the requirements on academic results of modules in accordance with the major training concentration approved by the Rector.
  • Already obtained certificates of defense education and physical education.
  • Satisfying the University-approved output standards of foreign language subject.
  • Satisfying the University-approved output standards of information technology subject.
  • Students who acclerate and fulfill all requirements of graduation earlier than the estimated deadline in the training scheme must submit the Graduation Application Form to the Training Department within the announced period.
  • Students, who bypass the above deadline, would like to study more for raising their CGPA. They must submit the Delay Graduation Application to the Training Department within the announced period.
  • The Graduation Committee discusses and considers its students to be eligible the graduation requirements as refered in the item 1 of this Article. That committee must be chaired by the Rector or Vice-Rector (authorized by the Rector). And it includes a secretary responsible by Manager of Training Department and its members responsible by Managers of Departments/ Faculties.

Based on the proposal of the Graduation Committee, the Rector signs the decisions on graduation.

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