Graduation requirements CAE

I. General Graduation requirements 

1. Technical arguement and problem-solving

- The ability to find and form ideas

- The ability to modelize problems.

- The ability to analyze and evaluate

- The ability to suggest solutions and commendations.

- The ability to self-scientific-research.

2. Knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues

Take responsibility of a master to community ; impact of technology ro community and community’s rules to technology.

Be able to update the latest and global issues which affect technology solutions in specific and technology design in specific.

3. Personal qualities

Trained to develop and express themselves on : creative thinking, critical thinking, characteristics and personal skills such as scientific-documents-reading skill, self-learning skill, time-management skill in organizing work and tasks.

4. Professional qualities

Trained to be honest and responsible, trained on manners and the ability to plan for the future, as well as the consiousness to update information and technology development.

5. The ability to communicate and use foreign language

Be able to give presentation on scienfitic issues logically, briefly and understandably.

Be able to write scientific reports, to give specialist presentation in accordance with field’s standard.

Be able to read and comprehend English articles on the field of Control And Automation.

II. Specific Graduation requirements

 1. Research orientation

* The ability to modelize

The ability to consider problems in general, to underfine the connection and interaction during operation; organize, underfine key factors and the ability to analyze and come up with solutions.

* The ability to design and study in a higher level

- The ability to apply basic knowledge and advanced knowledge to design, to imitate and do expriments, test ; analyze and explain problems on scientific base.

 - The ability to do advanced research on issues related to the field of Electrical Engineering at master level.

 2. Application orientation

* Practical research and knowledge discovery

The ability to give solutions, to look up and summarise information, the ability  to practice experiments and test design solutions, the ability to execute application.

* The ability to operate

Be able to design procedures to operate the system ; be able to organise and participate training and teaching, technology transferring or technology service after transfer

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