Division of Power System

The Division of Power System previously was a part of Division of Electrical Power Generation-Transmission & Electrification, which was established together with the foundation of Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1975. In 1988, the Division of Electrical Power Generation-Transmission & Electrification was divided into two Divisions: Division of Power System and Division of Automation & Control. Since then, the Division of Power System has been growing more and more to meet demands of training affairs and scientific-research activities in the field of power system. The faculties and lecturers has grown and matured to meet the demands in training and developing the labour force for the industrialization and modernization of Vietnam. Currently, there are 20 lecturers undertaking teaching in Electrical Engineering Department and some of them are working as managers at the University of Danang and its university members. The Division of Power System has 01 Professor, 02 Associate Professors, 08 lecturers with PhD, 9 lecturers with master degree. Six of 9 lecturers with master degree is currently pursuing doctoral course in abroad.

Up to now, the Division of Power System has trained about 6000 Engineers, 300 Masters, and 8 Doctors of Philosophy. Many aluminas are now working and holding important positions in companies in the Middle, as well as around the country.

The Division of Power System has been responsible for the following programs:

  • Engineering (Since 1975)

  • Master (Since 1988)

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Since 2003)


* Undergraduate Courses:

- Electrical Safety

- Electric Parts in Power Plants and Substations

- High-Voltage Engineering and Electrical Materials

- Operation of Power Systems

- Power Systems

- Short-Circuit Faults in Power Systems

- Relay Protection – Automation in Power Systems

- Relay-Protection Design

- High-Voltage Protection Design

- Power System Stability

- Operation of Hydropower Plants

 - Management of Electrical Power Projects

- Electrical Network Analysis

- Power System Planning

- Distribution Power Grid

- Communication and Load-Dispatch in Power Systems

- Power Supplies

- Transmission-Line Mechanics

- Power-Grid Reliability

* Graduate Courses:

- System Theory

- High-Voltage and Ultra High-Voltage Equipments

- Power Supply Optimization

- Analysis and Optimization in Power Systems-

- Power System Stabilty and Control

- Electricity Savings and Consumer Control

- Relay Protection for Complex Power Systems

- Power System Reliability

- Long Transmission Systems

- Safety Analysis in Power Systems

- Electricity Market

- Flexible AC Transmission Systems

- Renewable Energy and New Technologies in Power Systems


- Power System Optimization

- Electrical Network Analysis

- Automation and Control of Distribution Power-Grids

- Automation and Control of Power Substations

- Automation and Control of Power Plants

- Power System Stability

- Power System Reliability

- Demand-Side Management (DSM)

- Electricity Savings

- Electricity Market

- Influence of Electromagnetic Fields

- Smart Grids

- Integration of Renewable-Energy Systems Into Power Systems

Contact Information

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Science and Technology - The University of Danang

  • Address: 54 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam
  • Office:  A208 - 2nd Floor - Building A
  • Phone: (+84) (0236) 3 842 738
  • Email: khoadien@dut.udn.vn


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