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From 3/4/2018 to 5/4/2018, the electrical and electronic engineering program of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering-DUT has been assessing by AUN-QA (ASIA UNIVERSITY NETWORK-QUALITY ASSESSEMENT). We would like to thank  the attendace of enterprises, alumni, curent students for interviewing and thank translator, Mrs. Giao Chi form the University of Danang-University of foreign language, for supporting us durring interviewing sections. We would like to thank  Assessors spending time on this asessement and helping us to recognize improvement needed points in our program.  Following are some pictures of the assessment sections.

With the permission and assistance of QUANG TRI POWER COMPANY, TAN HOAN CAU CORPORATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY on March 17 and 18, 2018, 43 students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering had a study-tour at 110kV automation power substation-Quang Ngang, Remote control center of Quang Tri Power company, and Wind farm-Huong Linh 2 at Huong Hoa - Quang Tri. The cost of the study-tour is based on the sponsorship of the Faculty and the contribution of the students in this tour.

To enhence physical and mental health and open an exchange opportunity for students in the high quality program of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering has organized the Volleyball Championship on January 27th, 2018 at Gymnasium of faculties, Bulding D, The University of Danang-University of Science and Technology. The tournament had 9 teams and fans from 9 classes in high quality program of Faculty of Electrical engineering including 4 classes in Electrical and electronic high quality program (14 DCLC, 15DCLC, 16DCLC, and 17DCLC) and 5 classes in Control engineering and Automation high quality program (named 14TDHCLC, 15TDHCLC, 16TDHCLC, 17TDHCLC1, and 17TDHCLC2). The 9 teams were divided into 3 groups including A, B, and C. In the group stage, the teams in a group are rounded up to select 3 first run-up-teams and 1 second-run-up-team with the highest score to participate in the semi-finals and finals.

After more than 1 year of discussion and opinion exchange between ABB Vietnam Co., Ltd and Faculty of Electrical Engineering about training and learning requirements, list of available equipment as well as the other which are essential for training and researching, both ABB Vietnam Co., Ltd and Faculty of Electrical Engineering have agreed on the build of experimental equipment of Distribution Grid Automation in order to meet the training demand. Then ABB Vietnam Co., Ltd has begun to manufacture and assemble equipment according to/ in accordance with discussed requirements.

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